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How To Win Him Back

Almost everyone has gone through a relationship break up at one point in their lives. Actually, if there was a school on how to win people back most of us would be students. Sometimes, people shake it off and move on with their lives. There are however a few instances when women realize that their ex boyfriend was the best they had and they have lost him. If you are in this position, do not be afraid.

Here are few ways on how to win him back

Give him space
This is the unwritten rule. Do not become clingy or needy. After a breakup, you need to give him his space and time so that he can sort out his feelings towards you. Avoid any contact with him; from emails, phone calls, texts or face to face meetings. This takes self discipline. Giving him his space is important in winning him over for two reasons. First, it shows him that you respect his decision. Secondly, it gives you time to assess yourself and make any personal improvements that could have been the cause of the break up. Breaking off contact also shows that you are not pressuring him anymore. If he does not feel pressure from you, it is likely that he will be drawn back to you.

Show him that you have moved on
This is not as difficult as it may sound. Get busy living your life. Go out with family and friends. Due to the evolution of the social networks, it is quite easy for people to monitor other people’s activities. Take and post pictures of you and your friends hanging out on your pages. Tag all your friends and comment of how much fun you had. He will wonder why you are not mourning the break up and it will make him want you more. If you hear that he has someone new, wish him well. This shows him that you are mature and you want nothing but the best for him. Additionally, men want something they cant have and when he thinks that you are losing interest, he will want you back. If you try to show him that you are fine on your own, he will try to prove to you that you are not.

Keep your feelings to yourself
Do not recruit other people in the quest to win him back. It may look like a good idea to ask his friends and family to try and convince him to give you a second chance. This is a bad idea. When a man feels that his ex shared details of the break up with others, he resents her for good. Act mature and keep your feelings to yourself. When a mutual friend asks about the break up, just smile and say that everything is okay. If this information gets back to him, he will definitely be impressed about your composure.

Look and stay Beautiful
The following weeks after a break up could be the most difficult ones. It is good to keep your mind occupied by doing the things you love. You can pick a new hobby or travel to a new city. Your ex will wonder what has been keeping you busy. Even though you feel desperate deep inside, improve how you look and embrace the spirit you had before. Ensure that each day you look more beautiful. In case you bump into him, he will not think you are miserable. Your beauty will also draw him back to you.

Accept your faults
A break up could be either being your fault or his. When you decide to talk about it, do not play the blame game. Be the mature person and accept your mistakes. Determine what you might have done that could have hurt him. Apologize and promise not to do it again.

Make him work
When he finally decides to call, which he will, do not fall for the first advance he makes. To win him back and keep him takes patience. Make sure that the initial conversations are reserved and private. Do not let him come over to your place. Men love a good chase. For him to value you after you are back together, you will have to make him work hard for it. Do not let him back until he has proven that he is back to stay. Learning how to win him back is a process, but using the right approach, you will not only win him back, but will have him stay for good.

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I Miss My Boyfriend, Now What?

Ending a relationship isn’t easy, and when you break up with your boyfriend, you often go through a period of depression and sadness. While this pain is almost inevitable, there are some ways to help you cope with the breakup. If you’re still stuck in the “I miss my boyfriend” stage, then you may be able to use this advice to start moving forward.

You need to work through your feelings. It’s natural to suppress the feelings of a breakup, but avoiding those emotions is going to keep you from moving on with your life. You may be feeling anger, sadness, rejected, and uncertain about the future so you need to be able to experience those emotions. In the first few days after a breakup, try to let yourself acknowledge what you feel.

Write out those strong emotions, talk them through with a good friend, or just allow yourself to cry. It’s going to help you get to the stage where you can start living your life again. One of the pitfalls of a breakup is that all we want to do is sit in our pajamas and eat ice cream. This isn’t going to help you cope with your breakup and may even cause you to feel worse. Make yourself eat nourishing foods that are balanced with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthy eating can actually help to counteract the stress of a breakup so the next time you want to reach for a bag of potato chips, try to make a healthier choice. Don’t let food be your coping mechanism.

Another coping mechanism that we all want to do after a breakup is to isolate ourselves. Breakups make us feel exposed and vulnerable, so it’s not surprising that you want to avoid your friends until you don’t feel as wounded. But, your friends may surprise you. They are one of your best assets after a painful breakup. Instead of cutting yourself off from good friends, make it a point to spend time with them. You may find your friendships strengthening because of your breakup and a good friend is always there to be supportive and lend a shoulder to cry on. It’s not going to be easy at first, but sharing your breakup with a trusted friend is a good way for you to start moving forward and start feeling better about your life.

After you’ve had your time to cry and be sad, start to think about the good things that you have in your life. It’s easy to get caught up in the loss of a breakup, but then that sadness can start to take over other parts of your life. A breakup can make it hard to look past the constant feelings of pain and loss, but when you start to notice some of the good areas your life, you begin to heal. As a habit, when you wake up every morning, make yourself think of one area of your life that is good. Maybe it’s a good friend, a supportive sibling, or some other area. As you make yourself think of the good things in life, the breakup won’t seem as bad and all-consuming.

Do something you love. It’s also tempting after a breakup to stay home and look at pictures or texts from your breakup, but this isn’t going to help you heal either. It’s difficult to get interested in the things you loved pre-split, but the best way to start living your life again is to force yourself to leave the house and do them anyway. You can treat yourself to an activity that you enjoy like coffee with a good friend, a massage, or a new outfit. Self-care can help you cope with a breakup and also get you on the road to healing. Remember that laughter is the best medicine, so consider having a few girlfriends over to watch a comedy.

One of the ways to cope after a breakup is to avoid contact with your ex. Depending on the situation, it may not be easy, but if you’re always around him, you won’t be moving on with your life. Try to avoid him on social media and you may even want to remove him from your contacts or friends list. When you’ve moved past the breakup you can start to think about building a friendship, but right after you break up, it’s not going to be possible. You can use these tips when you miss your boyfriend and are having trouble with a breakup. With some time and a little work, you can get beyond your breakup and start living a full life again.

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I want my Ex Back; 4 Easy Steps To Get Him Back

Everyone wishes to find true love at some point in their lives. The sense of belonging and knowing that you’re genuinely loved by someone is empowering and at the same time comforting. However, there are many ups and downs in relationships and we at times end things too quickly then realize that we made a mistake after the damage is done. There always will come along frogs that you have to dismiss before turning one into your prince. What happens when you let your to be prince go before he completely turns? The guilt in knowing that you let go of someone you really love too quickly can be tormenting. This can only call for one action, get your ex back.

1. Meet up
Clarity comes around after a few days when it sinks in that you guys broke up. It is human nature to make mistakes and this can only be corrected if you do the right thing. If all you can think about is “i want my ex back” it might be because you’re in the initial stages of denial and grief. If after some time you still feel this way then we need to get going. Your ex is likely to have left an item or two of his at your place. This is perfect ground for you guys to meet up. It is common courtesy to give them back but also a good excuse to see him again. However do not rush into this as chances are he’s still angry or determined to move on. Give it sometime and after you’re sure he wouldn’t mind to see you again, make the move. Call him and set up a meeting, doll up, wear your “i still value you” look then head over to the venue. Alternatively, you could invite him over to your place. This is actually better as you’ll be in your comfort zone and have it all planned out. At this point, you would be able to tell if he also wants you back or not.

2. Keep in touch
The next step to the “i want my ex back” quest is to keep in touch with him afterwards. The first encounter should be enough to open this door wide open once again. After inviting him to your place, be cordial and nice enough to have him want to keep you around in his life. Follow this through with some phone calls every now and then and eventually graduate to hanging out again. Do not act like a girlfriend all this while. Be cool and friendly. Your kindness and composure is what will make him miss you and hopefully want to rekindle your love.

3. Let life continue as before in a non creepy way
At this point, you obviously kind of have him back in your life so why not continue living it like before? You should however tread carefully so as not to come off as creepy and obsessed. Invite him for events like gala, weddings and night outs. This will give you enough time to watch him closely for a sign that he wants to be around you too.

4. Open up
If you drag this process longer than it should then you will lose him to another woman. Men cannot keep focus on one thing long enough. When the time is right, say 3-4 weeks, drop the bomb. Invite him over to your place once more or ask him to meet you at a fancy restaurant. At this point he is likely to have shown some signs of wanting you back as well hence reducing chances of awkwardness and rejection. Find some nice words that will lure him in further. This is no time to point out his mistakes and how he was wrong. Admit you made a mistake and how much you’ve missed him. Remind him of the good times you two had and the dreams you had for the future. Ensure that you’re kind and sweet all through. If you do this right then you two will leave the venue as a couple once more.

Losing the one you love over a silly mistake or argument is painful. If he shares the same sentiments with you then he is likely to also want you back. Most men avoid making the first move for the fear of being rejected. However, if your break up was minor then chances are that you’ll likely have no need to go through all the four steps. Your initial call will have him ask you back in his life without wasting time.

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How to Win Him Back – It’s Now Or Never!

Have you just parted ways with your lover and now brainstorming on how to win him back?  Perhaps, the problem was no fault of his but due to the extent of the love you have for him, letting go completely can somehow be difficult. Who said getting over him will be a piece of cake? You definitely know and agree with me that this is not the case at all. Now that your once cherished relationship has gone sour and things become hazy, you may seriously be considering steps on how to win him back and enjoy the romance and spark that was once there.

How would you now feel if you were given a second chance to figure out how to win him back? Would you go for it, all out? Would you formulate your own ideas on how to win him back, or would you buy e-books to help you out? Getting help from a professional is the better option but more importantly you need to do your best so that your ex will come back into your arms with love. Ask yourself – are you willing to experiment on some of these steps below? If yes is your answer, keep on reading as you might want to try them out later.

The journey through reconciliation is always not usually easy.  Sometimes, it is better imagined than experienced. You should know that it is very possible to worm your way into his heart again depending on how you handle the whole issue. If you want to regain his love once again, it is important to trust and believe in yourself because this is what will keep you going.

 Thinking of How to Win Him Back, Check out these great tips

 Space is essential. After a breakup like this, it is important to give your boyfriend some space for some time, especially if you were the reason for the break up. The essence of the space is firstly, for you to critically evaluate yourself so that there can be self improvement and also for him to cool off. You do not have to contact him in any form at all. When you have been able to establish that he is calmer and gotten over the situation, then you can begin your reconciliatory moves.

You need to acknowledge and accept your fault. This is not the time to justify your actions or point accusing finger at him as this has the tendency of worsening the situation. You need to accept your mistakes. In saving a relationship, this best place to start is determining what you might have done that led to the broken relationship.

In an attempt to get him back, do not allow him to see your desperation as this has the tendency of widening the gulf. Do not present yourself as willing to do anything and everything just to have him back.

Grooming yourself has always been a helpful way on how to win him back. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to change your overall appearance into a total stranger. You don’t have to go for a plastic surgery so that you can get a new face. Even changing your hair color is not necessary. If you are thinking of changing your eye lenses to a different color, do it but not with the intention to be someone else. Being someone who is not you is not a good way on how to win him back.

Most men are not interested to start a battle of discussion because normally men are weaker when it comes to fighting with words. If you have been thinking that pressing an idea after another is a sensible way on how to win him back, you might be wrong. What are you trying to prove, anyway? Would you rather win the discussion or would you rather have your ex back in your arms?

 When you guys meet eventually, you need to apologize and say you are sorry.

You need to understand that all genuine relationships are tender and fragile. Due to this nature, they are susceptible to degradation and break-up if not handled maturely. It is important that you take an action rather than just sit down and mope all day or your ex will eventually find a new lover if you act too late. Therefore, you need to pull up your sleeves now and apply all the best ways on how to win him back before it’s too late.

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How to Get Him Back and Make Him Awed at Your New Personality

People change all the time, so if you sense that your boyfriend is going to leave you, it’s time that you find out how to get him back. It is not likely that he will stay for long, especially when you are not doing anything to repair your relationship. If he finds a new lover, you will be in deep trouble but have faith because there are proven ways on how to get him back. Don’t let him fall in love with the wrong person. You are his lover, now and forever. You just need to make him realize that the person he truly loves is you.

Before your ex disappears from your life for good, it’s crucial that you land on some effective ways on how to get him back. Most importantly, try to create some senses into his mind. This means you need to sit down and have a discussion with him. However, the best way on how to get him back is not by forcing your ideas into his brain. Keep your discussion light and full of love. Don’t show disrespect because most guys hate women who make them feel challenged. If hugging and caressing can help you, by all means include those elements during your discussion.

A part of you might want to plead him to come back to you. However, a better way on how to get him back is by keeping your conversation interesting. Leave a few mysteries untold, and he will be tempted to give you a call a few days later because he wants to know more. When he calls you, don’t reveal the mysteries just yet. Act a bit reserved but tacky. It is likely that he might find you as being different, but with a very attractive personality. This is certainly a positive way on how to get him back so keep your hopes high and shoot for the stars.

How To get Him Back Tips & Strategy…that stands the test of time.

One of the things that put guys off is when their lover becomes irritable and ill tempered. This most times becomes the other of the day for the woman when her needs are not met. It is not it is usually deliberate for the woman but it is the response when her needs are not always met. Rather than complain and whine, what you can do on how to get him back is to open up to him and talk things out and this will spontaneously make him respond positively to you. Don’t forget that action and reaction are equal and opposite.

When you begin to see signs that your man is gradually withdrawing from you, he reduces his visits, he calls you less and seems not be excited on seeing you… What you need to do to imbibe this “how to get him back” strategy is to let him be. This might sound weird but it is true. Since you want him back, it is important that he realizes that what he did in the first place is not right by toying with your emotions. Since, he needs space, let him have the space.

Ordinarily, you would have responded by becoming exasperated and he will expect you to bombard him with series of calls but you are no way falling for that gimmick. When you continue with your life and he will begin to have a second thought about his actions.

Again, your case might be that you guys are no longer together, he just decided to go solo on his own and there was no mutual agreement to call off the relationship and you are certain that there is love between the both of you,  then, things can still work out between the both of you. When this occurs, just let him be, give him space, don’t establish any form of contact and continue to live your life

You might be asking how long am I to keep on waiting for him to come back to his senses. Based on experience, without you establishing any form of contact, the guy is expected to realize his mistakes within five to ten weeks. That is not cast in stone. It could be more or less.

I definitely know that the waiting period is not usually an enjoyable one. Yea, but you have to wait so you don’t blow everything. In the course of waiting, you don’t have to wear long face all the time and live life as if it the world has come to an end. You have to enjoy your life

When you adopt this final “how to get him back” strategy, and you did not contact him, what he will naturally do is get in touch with you and when he does that, you don’t have to crucify him, be nice and let things flow naturally. With what you have done, you have been able to establish that you are a confident lady that is not easily upset or worried. This will make him to appreciate and love you more. This moves guys a lot.

This how to get him back tips and strategy is not cast in stone but it has yielded quite a lot of positive results when implemented.`

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Get Boyfriend Back By Helping Him Clarify His Emotions

There is always a different way to get boyfriend back because not every man has the same pattern of behavior. In many cases, the first attempt would be the hardest because most women do not know where to start in the first place. Men have different ways of thinking than women, so if you have been trying to get boyfriend back via a woman’s perspective you might end up in failure. Many men tend to say that women are difficult to comprehend. The truth is men can be seen as complicated creatures as well. As a woman, you might agree on this.

What are the different techniques to get boyfriend back, then? First of all, you need to realize that you can never guess what is going on in the mind of your boyfriend all the time. As a matter of fact, in a lot of times, if you keep on playing the guessing game you might turn your boyfriend away instead of bringing him back to you. Take note that a man won’t usually express his true emotions. It’s not that he doesn’t like showing his emotions but most of the times he just doesn’t know how. You can actually take advantage of this weakness to get boyfriend back.

How do you manipulate your boyfriend’s lack of skills in showing his emotions to get boyfriend back? It’s pretty simple actually – most men are confused with their own feelings. This means they are not so sure especially when it comes to love. Your role is to make sure that your boyfriend realizes that he is actually still in love with you. Not only will you make your boyfriend wants you again, but you will also make him fall in love with you again! Pick a few methods of your own that you think may work. There is a good chance that you will get boyfriend back if you put in the right amount of time and effort.

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