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How To Get Ex Wife Back and Not Lose Her Again

In getting your ex wife back, it is not enough knowing  the strategies and tips on how to get ex wife back but making good use of this information. This will go a long way in helping you realize your dream of getting your ex wife back in your arms. Do not just read but act on what you will be reading.

 How to get ex wife back do’s and don’ts

How to get ex wife back depends on how you were living while you were together, and the duration you took to make that initial step to bring her back home. How to get my ex wife back is probably not how to get your ex wife back, but the following tips can be helpful:

Stick around but do not act desperate
Make sure you are present in her mind and life, by maintaining contact. Remember that the best time to go after your ex wife is immediately after the separation. Do not wait for three months to start pursuing her. Give her a break of say a week, and then visit her, call her or email her. However, you need to learn that too many calls, excessive emails, excessive contact make you to look desperate – avoid any desperate act.

Maintain the one item or accessory that bonds you together
Never remove your wedding ring, destroy her photos or give anything she left behind to other people. Make sure that she is on your mind, and focus on what she loves most. Ensure that nothing you do hurts her self esteem or the trust she has in you. It is easier to mend a wounded heart than to heal a wounded soul.

Show her your love and compliment her efforts
Breaking off the chain will make you feel guilty especially if she does not come back. However, showing feelings of love and affection is one of the best strategies to win the heart of your ex wife. Women like to be pampered with gifts, ad so you need to use this chance to bring her back home. Show her that her presence added value to the home, and how cold ad lifeless the place is when she is not around. Let her know that her presence is appreciated at home, and that without her there is no home. Women love compliments, and anything that boosts their self esteem will always be met with a warm reception.

Avoid new relationships
New relationships will ruin your efforts to get your ex wife back. Women have a very strong intuition and starting a new relationship while still pleading with her to come back will fall in deaf ears. It is a lack of respect for the person who matters most to you. Even if you are seeing other women, keep them out of sight because they will interfere with the trust you are already building in order to win her heart once again.

Avoid arguments
Arguments ruin relationships, and there is no way you are going to take her back home by arguing. Even if she was the one on the wrong, listen to her but do not start a fight. Avoid finding faults in her if you were the one on the wrong. Just admit guilt and apologize. A simple statement such as I am sorry can make great difference in your life. Let her know that you are sincerely interested to take her back, and tell her the truth regarding your plans for her. If there was an untied end before she left, ensure that you have met your end of bargain before asking her to come back.

Remember important days
Her birthday, wedding anniversary and Valentine Day are very important dates in the lives of women. Forgetting the birth date of your wife is the worst blunder you can make in your life. She will still expect you to give her flowers, take her out or throw a romantic party for her even if you have separated. This is a sign that you still value her and are ready to do anything to get her back. Learn how to get ex wife back by showing her how much you care, especially during those important days.

Understand her needs and be honest with her
Men believe that they cannot understand women, but women love to be with people who understand them ad meet their needs. A woman cannot lie about what she needs in a man, especially if you are currently not together. Check whether you can be her dream man, and if not, try to explain it to her. If needed, get professional help together in order to salvage your marriage. If you want to learn how to get ex wife back, however, you need to know that compromise and accommodation is the key to a successful relationship. If nothing can be done to help the situation, just give her the freedom to make her choices. She deserves to be happy with the man of her choice and if you truly loved her, you will not hesitate to grant her the freedom.

Read between the lines, but do not jump to conclusion
Every time you talk to her, SMS her, email her, fax her or meet her, you need to observe how she behaves. When you bump into each other, how does she behave? What about the way she interacts with other men in her life? This information will help you determine whether she really wants to come back or not. If she seems happier with someone else, you need not persist.

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