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How to Get My Ex Back and Keep Her Love Just for Me

How to get my ex back?”  Is mostly the question, you will be asking yourself after your girlfriend might have broken up with you, please know that you are not the first person in this situation that will be asking the same question. I can identify with your predicament because I was once there. Quite a handful of people, one way or the other has had their own fair share of the ordeal. But the truth is, it is usually not a wonderful experience at all.

In some situations, there are some relationships that may not worth reviving. Yes, there are some relationships that may be a living hell either for one of the parties and when break up inevitably occurs, the victim definitely will not ask “how to get my ex back“. In such situations, the victim may be advised to move on. Well, this is not the type of relationship this post is based on.

I once told you I had my own share of this experience as well. When I was searching for solutions and strategies on how to get my ex back, some truths dawned on me which are peculiar to most people. Relationships can sometime be predictable. There is a regular pattern and trend which is akin to most relationships.

The romantic journey usually starts with everything being perfect for the lovers, blinded with love and usually in a state of being in the 7th heavens. With time, reality sets in and things are now seen from the real perspective and not through rose tinted lenses any longer. At this stage, if maturity does not set in, little misunderstanding, if not properly managed can deteriorate into break ups. Then, the guy in some cases will begin the search on steps on “how to get my ex back as soon as possible”

I used to be too rigid when implementing ways on how to get my ex back because I feared the wrong approach would drive her away permanently. Little did I know that following rigid ways on how to get my ex back is not the sole determinant factor to success. The secret to success, when it comes to repairing a broken relationship, relies heavily on the personality of your ex and the way you manipulate your attempts to get her back. For instance, I started being more relaxed and I started to share genuine ideas with my ex. It worked – she seemed to be more interested when I showed genuine interest in what she had to say.

The next method that I learned on how to get my ex back with ease is to compliment on her appearance. Women like to be complimented on how they look like. However, keep in mind that you should never compliment your girlfriend because you think women need to be complimented all the time. Women are very sensitive in nature and they can read your body language effortlessly. I would never recommend this as a good way on how to get my ex back, and certainly it’s not a good idea for you too!

Most women will still cherish the memories of their loved ones for a very, very long time. Even when they say they have moved on, most women are actually hoping that their ex will come back and sweep them off their feet. I learned how to get my ex back by understanding this simple concept. I learned that a woman will usually say things that are not coherent with their thoughts. I learned how to read between the lines by being a great listener. I became her good friend and someone that she could always rely on. This is a wonderful way on how to get my ex back because now she loves me like crazy and this time I am sure she’s staying for good.

Other Tips & Strategies on How to Get My Ex Back with Effortlessly

When you implement these strategies, it will surely go a long way in helping you to get your ex back.

 How to Get My Ex Back- Strategy 1: Apology

The first thing you need to do is to render your sincere apology. It is very important and necessary. This is a step in a positive direction. The apology must be out of sincerity and a sober mind, not just for the fun of it. There is no reason to justify your action or try to be defensive. When this is done sincerely, then it could be a step in the healing process. Hence, this “how to get my ex back” strategy should not be taken for granted or with levity if you really want to make up with your girlfriend.

 How to Get My Ex Back – Strategy 2: She Needs Some Space

In attempt to get your ex back, it is important that you allow your ex some space. Fine, you still love her and you are sorry for your mistake, but that does not mean you should choke her. Give her some time to recover and to get control of her emotions. You may feel like wanting to spend some time with her but she may not feel that way about you. When it is clearly obvious, she has scaled through that phase, then you may subtly, do whatever you want to do. If you fail to take cognizance of this strategy, it may worsen everything.

I sincerely hope that this post will be of immense benefit to you in learning the rudiments of how to get my ex back.

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How to Get Ex Back – Be Confident and Luck Will Be on Your Side

One possible way on how to get ex back is by not repeating mistakes that have been causing the breakup. When you are trying to make changes, be honest with yourself. Don’t do any changes just for the sake of fulfilling ways on how to get ex back. This will only make your ex annoyed if she ever finds out. When you have managed to change, don’t go to her and tell her of the changes you’ve made. This will likely make her feel unconfident whether you have actually become a better person or you are just trying to impress her.

It has been proven that one of the ways on how to get ex back is by letting her notice you’ve changed without you telling her with words. This means giving her a phone call and saying that you’ve done this and that is not a good idea on how to get ex back. You must believe in the power of body language. Women are experts in reading signs of body language, so she will likely notice that you’ve changed even though you have made no effort to tell her. In fact, she will even forgive you for future mistakes if she’s convinced, through your body language, that you’ve changed.

Another way on how to get ex back is by being the man that you ex needs and not the other way around. A woman is soft at heart by nature, and at the same time she needs a man to protect her. A woman is not likely to be impressed by a clingy and needy guy. If you want your ex back start taking care of your health, your appearance and your attitude. Get a life, have fun, meet people and be jolly. Even though there is no guarantee that any method on how to get ex back will end up in success, if you don’t give up trying you will definitely bring your woman back into your arms one day.

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Get Him Back and Make Him Admit His Fault

If you think you can get him back the easy way, there might be two answers – yes and no. Basically it depends on the personality of your boyfriend; some guys are easily persuaded but some others need more effort before they are convinced that they truly want you back. If you want to get him back, there are actually practical ways in which you make your dream become a reality. The first thing you should do is to be empathic of the situation. Put yourself in your boyfriend’s shoes because you will be able to see things from a different perspective.

If you want to get him back, it means you should never accuse him for what happened. Even when it was his fault, you must learn to forgive and forget. All that matters now is to get him back and that is the most important thing. If you keep crawling into his skin you will only worsen your relationship with him. If he has something to say, allow him a shot and be a good listener. You can’t be the winner in every single discussion because this won’t be fair to him. Show him that you care and that you will always be the person that he hopes you to be.

Sometimes it is better to keep things simple if you want to get him back for sure. Most guys are not able to interpret ideas if the ideas are not presented with words. Guys tend to get confused with vision-oriented messages, so the best way to show him that you want him back is by showing it through your body signals. Maintain a lot of eye contacts and smile at him sincerely but don’t say anything about wanting him back. He will be confused and thus he will likely question himself if breaking up is a good idea. He might come to a conclusion that leaving you is a bad mistake. When this happens, you’ll get the chance to get him back.

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