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How To Win Her Back After A Nasty Breakup

 Any man who has broken up with his girlfriend will often wonder how to win her back. First of all, it is a good idea to determine the cause of the breakup. The truth is, there are very many reasons that could possibly lead to the breakup of couples and cheating is one of the most common causes. Should your girlfriend catch you in the act, she will undoubtedly be mad at you and feel very hurt. Apart from just feeling hurt, she will be left angry and confused.

During such periods, it is a good idea to give her plenty of space so that she can calm down. During the initial phases of a breakup, emotions are still raw and hurtful and unnecessary words can be said that will only complicate matters even further. If she breaks up with you because you were dating her friend behind her back, it may be a little harder for your girlfriend to forgive you because such an act will make her lose a lover and friend at once.

If you are trying to determine how to win her back, it would be a brilliant idea not to contact her through email or phone for a couple of days. Chances are she will reject your calls and if she chooses to talk, she will say very hurtful words to you. However, when this happens, you need to apologize for your bad behavior and be real about it.

You should also consider sending her small gifts or flowers and if these are rejected, do not get upset because she will only be rejecting them because of feeling betrayed and it will be your duty to win back her trust again. In order to win her back again, you should address the problems that led to the split particularly if you cheated on her or if she was not getting something she needed from the relationship.

Self reflection is also helpful more so if you want to understand the habits you need to change in order to win her back. This may mean improving on issues that do not please her. For example, you could be a workaholic and she may feel neglected. She may also feel unwanted if you do not make her feel appreciated and special. Ignoring these problems and putting them aside only makes the situation worse and they rarely go away if not dealt with.

Furthermore, it will be quite difficult for your ex-girlfriend to get back into a relationship with you if these matters are not resolved. After apologizing for hurting her feelings, you need to find ways of improving and always do things differently if you want to make her happy. Make all the necessary changes that will show her that you are willing to accommodate her feelings. If your ex-girlfriend does not want you to contact her even after you have apologized, it may be a good idea for you to casually suggest a meet up either just to chat or to have some coffee. The location you both settle on needs to be neutral and it could either be a bar or a coffee shop.

Also remember to keep the meeting brief and manage your expectations in case you are hoping she will jump back and get back with you as though nothing happened. The conversation the two of you hold needs to be light and simply find out how she is fairing on. Talk about issues such as work, family and do not force her into meeting you again. If she really wants you back, she will let you know.

If you are seeking the most effective way of how to win her back, you should quit seeing your other partner immediately and prove to your girlfriend that you are committed to being faithful to her. It pays to be patient because this will require some time however if you love her and really want to win her back again, then it will be worth every effort. Although you may want your ex-girlfriend back so badly, it really does not help to act needy and desperate about it more so if you are hoping she will pity you. Most women find weak men to be a complete turn off. Follow all these guidelines and she will appreciate your efforts to get back with her especially if you are genuine about it.

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Serious Attempts to Get Her Back

Trying to get her back after a breakup can lead to two possibilities – a permanent breakup or a hopeful reconnection. You will be at the losing end if you don’t even try at all, so the best you can do right now is to try get her back regardless of the outcome. The first thing you can do is to have several ‘post-mortem’ sessions with what have happened in the past. This means you need to recall all of your sayings and doings that might have hurt her in the past. You might not realize that you have hurt her feelings rather severely, so if this is the case then knowing your mistakes and admitting to them can be helpful for you to patch things up.

To Get Her Back – What are the plans?

Based on experience and encounters with people, it is important that you must have a plan in place to win back your ex. Different options are available for you to adopt in rekindling the love that you guys once had for each other. In getting your ex back, there must be a way of attracting her back. There is that great tendency that she will change her mind if you play your cards well and do not rush things. However, I can’t guarantee that the change of mind will be instantaneous; it will gradually take some time.

Your girl might have been patient dealing with some of your rather bad attributes. However, up to a certain point, she might start losing patience if you have done nothing to correct your weaknesses. To get her back, you need to swallow your ego and learn to accept responsibilities from the mistakes you’ve done due to your weaknesses. Everyone makes mistakes, so if your girl sees that you are determined enough to change, she might forgive you. When this happens, there is a huge possibility that you can get her back into your arms.

If the reason of the breakup is due to loss of attraction, you must take a quick action to get her back. A loss of attraction may occur because you might have been neglecting on your appearance or even personal hygiene. You might have the opinion that maintaining a good appearance is no longer important because your girl already knows you inside and out. The truth is rather on the contrary; girls can get fed-up with sloppy guys! Learning some grooming skills might possibly help you to get her back.

Required Attitudes for Getting Her Back

In situations like these, it will be totally wrong to take any decision out of emotions. Fine, you want her back but you need to dissociate your emotions from your decisions so you don’t take a wrong decision that will totally destroy things. Yes, women are perceived to be more emotional than the guys but when it comes to a break up, men are equally attached. It is advised that you do not allow your emotions to get the better of you when taking decisions to get her back, because when this happens, the end result is not always palatable.

In an attempt to get her back, some guys make that grave mistake of stalking their ex and they now act as if it is coincidental. The truth is, when this occurs frequently and you are always bumping into each other, a soothsayer need not tell her that she is being stalked. When this occurs, the chances of reconciliation becomes very slim

Have you ever stopped to ponder, why did your relationship with her crashed? If you have not done so, there is a great need to that so that this whole exercise of wanting to get her back will yield fruit. Knowing also, will help you do away with those things that initially put her off which will then help you to re-strategize so that the love can be rekindled again and you ask yourself, how do I get her back?

After a careful analysis of what caused the relationship to crash, I feel it is wise to improve yourself. If part of what caused the break up were character flaws or some bad habits from your end, it is important you take cognizance of those things and make serious efforts in improving yourself. What will make your efforts in winning back your ex fruitful, is if she is able to see significant changes in you and when she does, it will change her perception of you and from there; things may begin to pick up gradually.

At this point of trying to get her back, being cautious should be your watch word. She will of course be very sensitive and her guard will be on. You need to tread carefully by not doing anything to validate her decision of leaving you in the first place. When you do anything that will make her validate her decision, having her to change her mind and perception about you again, will definitely be a daunting task. Hence to avoid being in this kind of unpleasant situation, there is a great need for you to be cautious and be at your best behavior.

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I Want My Ex Back – Can I Get A Second Chance After Breaching Her Trust?

I want my ex back because I know there is no other woman on this earth whom can replace her in any way. I want my ex back because she is the love of my live, the apple of my eye and the mother to my future kids. I felt the world was spinning around me because what I did was rather unforgiveable. I breached her trust by going out with another woman. The truth is that I never loved the woman – in fact I was just having fun. Nevertheless, having fun is not an acceptable excuse and I was perfectly aware that I had done a big mistake.

 Regardless of what had happened, I want my ex back because I know I will never be happy if she’s not around. My ex said she wanted some time to think it over. I was not convinced that time was the only issue so I started to plead for forgiveness. I became a total nerdy – I called her at least ten times a day. I kept saying to myself that by hook or by crook, I want my ex back. Little did I know that I should respect my ex’s request to leave her alone.

 I Want My Ex Back… Desperate Measures I Took.

Even if for nothing else, but for the love that I have for her, I was ready to give it all it takes because I really want my ex back and I had to play the fool.

I never felt any need to apologize for my actions but I was counseled that, if I want my ex back, apologizing is the first place to begin.

Generally, apologizing is one of the difficult things most people   find doing and on the contrary some see it as a piece of cake. The apologies drips easily and spontaneously from their lips and they are always doing it all the time without attaching any importance to what they are doing.

But, there is a great difference between someone that apologizes for the sake of apologizing and someone that is truly sorry and meant every iota of word that is being mentioned. Hence, it is greatly advised you are in the latter category.

If you have betrayed the trust of your lover, definitely, there will definitely be an adjustment in her perception of you and it will definitely take time for that perception to change again.

It is important for you to know that, for her to see reason with you and for your apology to make sense to her, it must be done out of sincerity and there’s no need for you to justify your actions. Perhaps, the mistake was not deliberate and intentional, you might even have some things to say, but this is not the right time for it to be discussed. At this point, you need to develop listening ears and identify with her feelings. This will go a long way in helping her to recover, though at a gradual pace. It will definitely take time for you to earn her trust again and it will be completely out of place to expect her to recover, she does needs time which you will of course oblige her.

Time is of essence and cannot be over emphasized in the recovery process.  She needs time for the betrayed emotion to fade away before the trust can set in. Surely, the relationship would have been strained and changed in a great way, you need to accept because it is normal and there may be a healing process on the way. When she is in the mood for discussion, subtly discuss what may have been the problems in the relationship prior to the betrayal without apportioning blame or justifying your actions. It won’t be out of place to play the fool this season.

Having done that, it is important that you are determined that that the incident will not repeat itself and you need to promise your lover that the trust will not be betrayed any longer. Earlier in this post, I mentioned that there are some people that are quick to apologize for the sake of it without truly attaching any importance to the apology. You don’t have to be in this category. When you apologize, you must mean every bit of it and promise not to indulge in such again and if you do the contrary, then the relationship is over.

Make that bold step to regain your lover’s trust and redeem your image but know that this will not happen all of a sudden. You have to back your words with your actions to prove the point that you really deserve the opportunity to be reconsidered.

Fortunately luck was on my side because as I was going crazy, my ex took the pains to make me realize that she really needed the time to re-evaluate the meaning of our relationship. Literally she snapped me into reality and that I should respect her even though I want my ex back desperately.

The next day, I kept my mouth shut and I put my cell phone off of my sight. I learned to meditate and I even attended Yoga classes. The first few weeks were really horrible. However, I went through three full months without calling her. Again, I can’t express how lucky I was because she called me after the three months were over. Now I truly understand that if I want my ex back I should respect her privacy and allow enough thinking time for her.

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How to Get Her Back – Things to Go for and Those to Refrain

How to get her back demystified, if you sincerely desire to get your girl friend back.

The first and most important step to take on how to get her back after a break up is to give each other some space. Do not establish any form of contact at all and avoid those places and every other thing that may want to flood your heart with memories. The essence being that, this may make you more emotional, affect your reasoning and at the same time may extend the duration of the task on how to get her back.

Since, you have been advised to avoid any form of contact with her does not necessarily mean you have to turn yourself into a hermit or a recluse. You don’t have to stay indoors and mope all day and act like the world has ended. I know it is a trying period for you, most especially, if you acted like a jerk. Well, not to worry, we are on the journey on how to get her back at all cost.

At this time, you need to engage in activities that are healing and restorative in nature. Do things that will make you more lively to enable you take your mind off the prevailing situation.

Now that the hibernating period is over and you have gotten over your emotions at least to a reasonable extent, it is time to launch out and reach out to her. The success of this tip on how to get her back largely depends on how far you have gotten a grasp of your emotions. If you have been missing her and you want to know how to get her back, perhaps giving her a call after months of being silent is a good idea. Try to keep the conversation light and friendly.

 Don’t bring up any subjects that can make her remember on how you used to treat her before. Don’t even give her a hint that you are still in love with her. At the same time, don’t start showing off by saying that you’ve moved on and that you’ve slept with a number of women already. Remember that bragging and showing off are not useful ways on how to get her back.

 During the conversation, make it clear that your sole intention of calling is just to know about how she’s doing at the moment. This is the right way on how to get her back, i.e. to be a friend rather than a desperate lover. No matter how right you feel your idea is, this time don’t start an argument with her. There’s no point to earn by starting an argument, anyway. If your ex insulted you on the phone, keep calm but try to be attentive as much as possible. Take note that one of the best ways on how to get her back is by showing a high level of patience and tolerance.

Once you have had a successful conversation over the phone, you can now try to ask her out but only as a friend. This is a good way on how to get her back because you are not giving her any pressure to accept you back as a lover. You can say that from all your friends, your ex has always been your best friend and it would be a great loss if the friendship dies. She might buy your idea. Going out with your ex opens up a lot of opportunities on how to get her back, so take advantage of the situation and give it your best shot.

When she has accepted your invitation, take her lunch in a nice location. The intent of this lunch is for peace making. It should not be like an official meeting stuff. You just want to get acquainted and get to know what has been happening in each other’s life as it were. However, do not blow everything by making this encounter a long one and avoid staying out late. You don’t want to rush things at all. You can also give another lunch a shot at this time, maybe at the same location or somewhere else to enhance the familiarization and you guys can be friends again. Over this second lunch, you can go a step further by discussing the break up.

 In discussing the break up, you need to play the role of the patient dog here, this is not a time to justify your actions or point accusing fingers. It is a time for sober reflection; it is a time for you to apologize. She will definitely pour out her emotions and possibly vent her anger and she may even cry. Allow her, as this will enabled her heal too. When she is done, it is important and necessary for you to admit that you have been a jerk. Let her know that this is a brand new you and that you are a changed person

Communicate with her often, show her you truly care about her, and go out of your way to show her kindness. You know those things, guys do to woo a lady, begin to do things so that you can warm your way into her heart again. When you begin to do all these things regularly and consistently, you are opening a door for reconsideration and she will begin to see you from a new perspective. During the course of all these, you guys can discuss your expectations as well. Another how to get her back tip that should not be joked with.

Don’t show your desperation in attempt to get back and do not be too pushy. If she says she needs more time, willingly and graciously oblige her and still continue to do those things you were doing on how to get her back.

Have we satisfied your curiosity about how to get her back? If so, kindly drop your comment and check out other posts as well.

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