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Ex Back Experts Review

Does it really work? In my review of Ex Back Experts, I will share facts about the program and conclude with what I learnt from it. Many people are acting as this is the perfect program to help get their Ex back but if you are sceptical like me and would like to know about the program’s real story, this is an honest review about the program. At one point in my life I had to fight to get an ex back and was not sure in the past to follow other advice.


In the review, I will start by discussing what the program is all about, what it comes with etc. I will then discuss the pros and cons and conclude by giving my opinion on what I learnt from the program

Ex Back Experts: how it works

The main objective behind Ex Back Experts seems too good to be true. Dean Cortez’s claims that his program will provide a strategy to make your Ex want to get back with you, forgive you and feel like you two belong together. Honestly, this sounds like too much hype.


Actually, the program states that it will make your ex leave anyone they are currently seeing and come looking for you to see if you two can work things out. To many people this might seem like a ridiculous promise. I will tell you what I think about that claim but first let us look at the programs description

Product Description

The program discusses three steps to follow to help you patch things up with your ex. The program claims the three steps will

· Help get rid of the bad image your ex may have of you in his or her head

· Show you how you can make them feel understood and connected

· Show you how to use Deans method to attract them back to your life

Dean Cortez’s kept things simple. Many people like concise advice that goes straight to the point. The program comes with:

· The main coaching manual- This is the heart of the program and discusses how to implement the three steps mentioned above to get your ex back. It contains some texts you can send to your ex to make them reminisce of the old times and their attraction and feelings for you. It contains many examples of what to say to your ex in your texts, on the phone, in person etc. The manual also contains relationship management tactics for a better relationship onwards, which is quite important to avoid breaking up again. You will also get to learn of effective ways to control your emotions to help you feel confident when talking to your ex

· The Bonus package- This includes an audio of the entire written course. This is ideal for people who would rather listen than read loads of text. Audio is also reassuring since you are able to hear a real voice

· Re-attraction roadmap- The roadmap shows steps Dean followed to get his ex back. Though the main course pretty much covers this part, the roadmap provides a simplified version. There is also a bonus- Cheating Secrets Exposed- which is an audio in which dean gets tips from a private investigator on why people cheat, how to know if you are being lied to, how to keep your ex faithful and devoted after making up


· Delves into specific issues unlike other programs such as what to do if your ex is seeing someone else, what to do if you are the one who dumped them etc

· The relationship management offers great advice on how to have a healthy relationship long lasting relationship

· The program is simple to follow and use. The steps are simple and can be followed by anyone


· The program isn’t a “miracle solution”. You have to be patient to get your ex back and Dean Makes this clear. You need to be patient to see results

· In my personal view, Dean should have used a real human instead of a cartoon in his video on the programs official website

My personal opinion

Though the program won’t get your ex overnight, the advice and tips are quite effective if followed exactly. The program is by far the best get your ex program I’ve come across so far.


Who is Dean Cortez’s

Dean is a skilled and experienced guy who has been providing dating skills to men for several years. His strategies and advice on dating and getting an ex back is different from other programs. This is probably because he has experience in relationships and dating, having dated many women.

Dean dated a woman he wanted to get serious with but the woman broke up with him, this left him crushed. This is what spurred him to develop the program. He put together tips and tricks from his past experience and did research to come up with the program to offer advice on effective ways of getting an ex back and making them commit to you.

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