I Miss My Boyfriend, Now What?

Ending a relationship isn’t easy, and when you break up with your boyfriend, you often go through a period of depression and sadness. While this pain is almost inevitable, there are some ways to help you cope with the breakup. If you’re still stuck in the “I miss my boyfriend” stage, then you may be able to use this advice to start moving forward.

You need to work through your feelings. It’s natural to suppress the feelings of a breakup, but avoiding those emotions is going to keep you from moving on with your life. You may be feeling anger, sadness, rejected, and uncertain about the future so you need to be able to experience those emotions. In the first few days after a breakup, try to let yourself acknowledge what you feel.

Write out those strong emotions, talk them through with a good friend, or just allow yourself to cry. It’s going to help you get to the stage where you can start living your life again. One of the pitfalls of a breakup is that all we want to do is sit in our pajamas and eat ice cream. This isn’t going to help you cope with your breakup and may even cause you to feel worse. Make yourself eat nourishing foods that are balanced with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthy eating can actually help to counteract the stress of a breakup so the next time you want to reach for a bag of potato chips, try to make a healthier choice. Don’t let food be your coping mechanism.

Another coping mechanism that we all want to do after a breakup is to isolate ourselves. Breakups make us feel exposed and vulnerable, so it’s not surprising that you want to avoid your friends until you don’t feel as wounded. But, your friends may surprise you. They are one of your best assets after a painful breakup. Instead of cutting yourself off from good friends, make it a point to spend time with them. You may find your friendships strengthening because of your breakup and a good friend is always there to be supportive and lend a shoulder to cry on. It’s not going to be easy at first, but sharing your breakup with a trusted friend is a good way for you to start moving forward and start feeling better about your life.

After you’ve had your time to cry and be sad, start to think about the good things that you have in your life. It’s easy to get caught up in the loss of a breakup, but then that sadness can start to take over other parts of your life. A breakup can make it hard to look past the constant feelings of pain and loss, but when you start to notice some of the good areas your life, you begin to heal. As a habit, when you wake up every morning, make yourself think of one area of your life that is good. Maybe it’s a good friend, a supportive sibling, or some other area. As you make yourself think of the good things in life, the breakup won’t seem as bad and all-consuming.

Do something you love. It’s also tempting after a breakup to stay home and look at pictures or texts from your breakup, but this isn’t going to help you heal either. It’s difficult to get interested in the things you loved pre-split, but the best way to start living your life again is to force yourself to leave the house and do them anyway. You can treat yourself to an activity that you enjoy like coffee with a good friend, a massage, or a new outfit. Self-care can help you cope with a breakup and also get you on the road to healing. Remember that laughter is the best medicine, so consider having a few girlfriends over to watch a comedy.

One of the ways to cope after a breakup is to avoid contact with your ex. Depending on the situation, it may not be easy, but if you’re always around him, you won’t be moving on with your life. Try to avoid him on social media and you may even want to remove him from your contacts or friends list. When you’ve moved past the breakup you can start to think about building a friendship, but right after you break up, it’s not going to be possible. You can use these tips when you miss your boyfriend and are having trouble with a breakup. With some time and a little work, you can get beyond your breakup and start living a full life again.

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