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How To Win Her Back After A Nasty Breakup

 Any man who has broken up with his girlfriend will often wonder how to win her back. First of all, it is a good idea to determine the cause of the breakup. The truth is, there are very many reasons that could possibly lead to the breakup of couples and cheating is one of the most common causes. Should your girlfriend catch you in the act, she will undoubtedly be mad at you and feel very hurt. Apart from just feeling hurt, she will be left angry and confused.

During such periods, it is a good idea to give her plenty of space so that she can calm down. During the initial phases of a breakup, emotions are still raw and hurtful and unnecessary words can be said that will only complicate matters even further. If she breaks up with you because you were dating her friend behind her back, it may be a little harder for your girlfriend to forgive you because such an act will make her lose a lover and friend at once.

If you are trying to determine how to win her back, it would be a brilliant idea not to contact her through email or phone for a couple of days. Chances are she will reject your calls and if she chooses to talk, she will say very hurtful words to you. However, when this happens, you need to apologize for your bad behavior and be real about it.

You should also consider sending her small gifts or flowers and if these are rejected, do not get upset because she will only be rejecting them because of feeling betrayed and it will be your duty to win back her trust again. In order to win her back again, you should address the problems that led to the split particularly if you cheated on her or if she was not getting something she needed from the relationship.

Self reflection is also helpful more so if you want to understand the habits you need to change in order to win her back. This may mean improving on issues that do not please her. For example, you could be a workaholic and she may feel neglected. She may also feel unwanted if you do not make her feel appreciated and special. Ignoring these problems and putting them aside only makes the situation worse and they rarely go away if not dealt with.

Furthermore, it will be quite difficult for your ex-girlfriend to get back into a relationship with you if these matters are not resolved. After apologizing for hurting her feelings, you need to find ways of improving and always do things differently if you want to make her happy. Make all the necessary changes that will show her that you are willing to accommodate her feelings. If your ex-girlfriend does not want you to contact her even after you have apologized, it may be a good idea for you to casually suggest a meet up either just to chat or to have some coffee. The location you both settle on needs to be neutral and it could either be a bar or a coffee shop.

Also remember to keep the meeting brief and manage your expectations in case you are hoping she will jump back and get back with you as though nothing happened. The conversation the two of you hold needs to be light and simply find out how she is fairing on. Talk about issues such as work, family and do not force her into meeting you again. If she really wants you back, she will let you know.

If you are seeking the most effective way of how to win her back, you should quit seeing your other partner immediately and prove to your girlfriend that you are committed to being faithful to her. It pays to be patient because this will require some time however if you love her and really want to win her back again, then it will be worth every effort. Although you may want your ex-girlfriend back so badly, it really does not help to act needy and desperate about it more so if you are hoping she will pity you. Most women find weak men to be a complete turn off. Follow all these guidelines and she will appreciate your efforts to get back with her especially if you are genuine about it.

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I want my Ex Back; 4 Easy Steps To Get Him Back

Everyone wishes to find true love at some point in their lives. The sense of belonging and knowing that you’re genuinely loved by someone is empowering and at the same time comforting. However, there are many ups and downs in relationships and we at times end things too quickly then realize that we made a mistake after the damage is done. There always will come along frogs that you have to dismiss before turning one into your prince. What happens when you let your to be prince go before he completely turns? The guilt in knowing that you let go of someone you really love too quickly can be tormenting. This can only call for one action, get your ex back.

1. Meet up
Clarity comes around after a few days when it sinks in that you guys broke up. It is human nature to make mistakes and this can only be corrected if you do the right thing. If all you can think about is “i want my ex back” it might be because you’re in the initial stages of denial and grief. If after some time you still feel this way then we need to get going. Your ex is likely to have left an item or two of his at your place. This is perfect ground for you guys to meet up. It is common courtesy to give them back but also a good excuse to see him again. However do not rush into this as chances are he’s still angry or determined to move on. Give it sometime and after you’re sure he wouldn’t mind to see you again, make the move. Call him and set up a meeting, doll up, wear your “i still value you” look then head over to the venue. Alternatively, you could invite him over to your place. This is actually better as you’ll be in your comfort zone and have it all planned out. At this point, you would be able to tell if he also wants you back or not.

2. Keep in touch
The next step to the “i want my ex back” quest is to keep in touch with him afterwards. The first encounter should be enough to open this door wide open once again. After inviting him to your place, be cordial and nice enough to have him want to keep you around in his life. Follow this through with some phone calls every now and then and eventually graduate to hanging out again. Do not act like a girlfriend all this while. Be cool and friendly. Your kindness and composure is what will make him miss you and hopefully want to rekindle your love.

3. Let life continue as before in a non creepy way
At this point, you obviously kind of have him back in your life so why not continue living it like before? You should however tread carefully so as not to come off as creepy and obsessed. Invite him for events like gala, weddings and night outs. This will give you enough time to watch him closely for a sign that he wants to be around you too.

4. Open up
If you drag this process longer than it should then you will lose him to another woman. Men cannot keep focus on one thing long enough. When the time is right, say 3-4 weeks, drop the bomb. Invite him over to your place once more or ask him to meet you at a fancy restaurant. At this point he is likely to have shown some signs of wanting you back as well hence reducing chances of awkwardness and rejection. Find some nice words that will lure him in further. This is no time to point out his mistakes and how he was wrong. Admit you made a mistake and how much you’ve missed him. Remind him of the good times you two had and the dreams you had for the future. Ensure that you’re kind and sweet all through. If you do this right then you two will leave the venue as a couple once more.

Losing the one you love over a silly mistake or argument is painful. If he shares the same sentiments with you then he is likely to also want you back. Most men avoid making the first move for the fear of being rejected. However, if your break up was minor then chances are that you’ll likely have no need to go through all the four steps. Your initial call will have him ask you back in his life without wasting time.

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