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How To Win Her Back After A Nasty Breakup

 Any man who has broken up with his girlfriend will often wonder how to win her back. First of all, it is a good idea to determine the cause of the breakup. The truth is, there are very many reasons that could possibly lead to the breakup of couples and cheating is one of the most common causes. Should your girlfriend catch you in the act, she will undoubtedly be mad at you and feel very hurt. Apart from just feeling hurt, she will be left angry and confused.

During such periods, it is a good idea to give her plenty of space so that she can calm down. During the initial phases of a breakup, emotions are still raw and hurtful and unnecessary words can be said that will only complicate matters even further. If she breaks up with you because you were dating her friend behind her back, it may be a little harder for your girlfriend to forgive you because such an act will make her lose a lover and friend at once.

If you are trying to determine how to win her back, it would be a brilliant idea not to contact her through email or phone for a couple of days. Chances are she will reject your calls and if she chooses to talk, she will say very hurtful words to you. However, when this happens, you need to apologize for your bad behavior and be real about it.

You should also consider sending her small gifts or flowers and if these are rejected, do not get upset because she will only be rejecting them because of feeling betrayed and it will be your duty to win back her trust again. In order to win her back again, you should address the problems that led to the split particularly if you cheated on her or if she was not getting something she needed from the relationship.

Self reflection is also helpful more so if you want to understand the habits you need to change in order to win her back. This may mean improving on issues that do not please her. For example, you could be a workaholic and she may feel neglected. She may also feel unwanted if you do not make her feel appreciated and special. Ignoring these problems and putting them aside only makes the situation worse and they rarely go away if not dealt with.

Furthermore, it will be quite difficult for your ex-girlfriend to get back into a relationship with you if these matters are not resolved. After apologizing for hurting her feelings, you need to find ways of improving and always do things differently if you want to make her happy. Make all the necessary changes that will show her that you are willing to accommodate her feelings. If your ex-girlfriend does not want you to contact her even after you have apologized, it may be a good idea for you to casually suggest a meet up either just to chat or to have some coffee. The location you both settle on needs to be neutral and it could either be a bar or a coffee shop.

Also remember to keep the meeting brief and manage your expectations in case you are hoping she will jump back and get back with you as though nothing happened. The conversation the two of you hold needs to be light and simply find out how she is fairing on. Talk about issues such as work, family and do not force her into meeting you again. If she really wants you back, she will let you know.

If you are seeking the most effective way of how to win her back, you should quit seeing your other partner immediately and prove to your girlfriend that you are committed to being faithful to her. It pays to be patient because this will require some time however if you love her and really want to win her back again, then it will be worth every effort. Although you may want your ex-girlfriend back so badly, it really does not help to act needy and desperate about it more so if you are hoping she will pity you. Most women find weak men to be a complete turn off. Follow all these guidelines and she will appreciate your efforts to get back with her especially if you are genuine about it.

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How To Win Him Back

Almost everyone has gone through a relationship break up at one point in their lives. Actually, if there was a school on how to win people back most of us would be students. Sometimes, people shake it off and move on with their lives. There are however a few instances when women realize that their ex boyfriend was the best they had and they have lost him. If you are in this position, do not be afraid.

Here are few ways on how to win him back

Give him space
This is the unwritten rule. Do not become clingy or needy. After a breakup, you need to give him his space and time so that he can sort out his feelings towards you. Avoid any contact with him; from emails, phone calls, texts or face to face meetings. This takes self discipline. Giving him his space is important in winning him over for two reasons. First, it shows him that you respect his decision. Secondly, it gives you time to assess yourself and make any personal improvements that could have been the cause of the break up. Breaking off contact also shows that you are not pressuring him anymore. If he does not feel pressure from you, it is likely that he will be drawn back to you.

Show him that you have moved on
This is not as difficult as it may sound. Get busy living your life. Go out with family and friends. Due to the evolution of the social networks, it is quite easy for people to monitor other people’s activities. Take and post pictures of you and your friends hanging out on your pages. Tag all your friends and comment of how much fun you had. He will wonder why you are not mourning the break up and it will make him want you more. If you hear that he has someone new, wish him well. This shows him that you are mature and you want nothing but the best for him. Additionally, men want something they cant have and when he thinks that you are losing interest, he will want you back. If you try to show him that you are fine on your own, he will try to prove to you that you are not.

Keep your feelings to yourself
Do not recruit other people in the quest to win him back. It may look like a good idea to ask his friends and family to try and convince him to give you a second chance. This is a bad idea. When a man feels that his ex shared details of the break up with others, he resents her for good. Act mature and keep your feelings to yourself. When a mutual friend asks about the break up, just smile and say that everything is okay. If this information gets back to him, he will definitely be impressed about your composure.

Look and stay Beautiful
The following weeks after a break up could be the most difficult ones. It is good to keep your mind occupied by doing the things you love. You can pick a new hobby or travel to a new city. Your ex will wonder what has been keeping you busy. Even though you feel desperate deep inside, improve how you look and embrace the spirit you had before. Ensure that each day you look more beautiful. In case you bump into him, he will not think you are miserable. Your beauty will also draw him back to you.

Accept your faults
A break up could be either being your fault or his. When you decide to talk about it, do not play the blame game. Be the mature person and accept your mistakes. Determine what you might have done that could have hurt him. Apologize and promise not to do it again.

Make him work
When he finally decides to call, which he will, do not fall for the first advance he makes. To win him back and keep him takes patience. Make sure that the initial conversations are reserved and private. Do not let him come over to your place. Men love a good chase. For him to value you after you are back together, you will have to make him work hard for it. Do not let him back until he has proven that he is back to stay. Learning how to win him back is a process, but using the right approach, you will not only win him back, but will have him stay for good.

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